Journey of Artisans

Journey of Artisans

Every day comes with an opportunity to reckon with your aspirations. Born in a family with a legacy of rich art was a responsibility and fortune for the man with integrity. Yasin Ji, a man with the kindest heart, exhilarating designs, and welcoming personality is a B.Tech graduate. Even though he received adequate academic knowledge, it couldn't fetch him a satisfactory job. Moreover, his love, respect, and devotion for Usta made him stick to his roots and carry forward the family legacy. Since his childhood, he was intrigued by the beautiful art executed by his family members and he decided to take forward the legacy of The Ustas.


Usta Art is the traditional art form of Bikaner, Rajasthan consisting of gold embossing. It was started during the Mughal era when the artists were employed by the king to make art pieces for the royal court. Though this art has a rich heritage, its popularity diminished due to industrialization and mechanisation. As a result, the artist who practised the art saw a decline in demand and feared a fall in income. Hence they moved out to find alternative sources of livelihood. 

But it's rightly said that your passion for your work attracts you towards it over other activities. It drives you to achieve what you always aimed for and so, was Yasin Ji’s love for Usta. Even though all of his siblings were involved in other means of livelihood, he never felt demotivated towards his work. He wanted to continue what his ancestors started and found pride in it. Yasin Ji met us with unbeatable dedication and perseverance to get work and make wonderful designs. This budding relationship turned into a strong bond between Project Virasat and him. It was his zealous attitude that helped us reach the plethora of success in Usta art. 


Yasin Ji is a hospitable person who is always open to new ideas that our team pitches to him. Any idea having the chance of being explored is always taken up by him. His optimistic attitude of never giving up, helped us take Virasat to new heights. 
An untying knot that kept us connected even in the unprecedented times of COVID-19 is the epitome of his determination and ready-to-work nature. In the tough times also, he was never unresponsive and negligent. It was all because of our family-like relations with him, that we never faced such an issue.
Moreover, the quality of work done by him has always been a piece of appreciation. Certain products like Lakshmi Charan, Swastik, and key chains have sought high demand in the market because of their elegant look. He unreluctantly worked day and night to marvel at the intricacies of the art form. We have always considered his efforts and our coordination as the driving factor in our journey.

Collaboration permits us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves and achieve greater heights altogether.