• Peacock Coaster Painting

    Regular price Rs. 689.00
    Regular price Rs. 649.00 Sale price Rs. 689.00
    Peacock Coaster Painting
  • Aromatic Hamper

    Regular price Rs. 999.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 999.00
    Aromatic Hamper
  • Usta Golden Cup

    Regular price Rs. 2,499.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 2,499.00
    Usta Golden Cup
  • Usta Rectangular Frame

    Regular price Rs. 3,499.00
    Regular price Rs. 0.00 Sale price Rs. 3,499.00
    Usta Rectangular Frame
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Handcrafted with love

Our products tell a story of the kaarigars behind them, a story of their stuggle, a story of their identity. We, at Virasat, aim at imparting these stories of the unsung pillars of our country's heritage, our kaarigars.

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With a vision to revive the dying handicrafts of India, Virasat is an umbrella organisation for handicraft cluster development. Our main aim is to provide a tailor-made solution for the specific problems faced by the artisans, creating opportunities not only for the artisans but also for their future generations that can safely carry on the craft legacy.

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  • 100% Authentic

  • Empowering Artisans

  • Preserving Traditions

  • Timeless

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  • 91 Artisans Directly Impacted

  • Unique Designs

  • 4 Languishing craft forms under the ambit of Project Virasat

  • 110 Entrepreneurs created

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“It has been a great pleasure seeing Project Virasat coming up so well, and becoming a brand of quality and choice for discerning people. All this while ensuring the livelihoods and dignity of the artisans in different parts of the country, by helping them preserve their great traditional art. Kudos, Project Virasat!”

Shivdular Singh Dhillon (District Administration, Amritsar)

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